Fleetwood and Molinari

2018 Europe

Moliwood Love

From Will Smith and Jada Pinkett to Beyonce and Jay-Z, Hollywood romances aren’t all doom and gloom.

And this week at The 2018 Ryder Cup we have our very own European bromance forming between Tommy Fleetwood and Francesco Molinari – or “Moliwood” as they are now known. 

The pair won all four pairs matches together during the first two days and the bond the players have is quite special. 

Post round interviews included such quotes as “he’s amazing,” “he’s one of my best friends, not juist on Tour but in life” and “I just love him.”

Watch just how close the unbeatable duo are.



The morning after Europe's sensational victory and the duo were at it again. 

Molinari won five out of five matches, with Fleetwood not managing to keep up his unbeaten record. 



With a bond so close, it’s no wonder the duo became the first European pair to win four matches together in a single Ryder Cup.