Behind the scenes
Le Golf National
Behind the scenes

2018 Europe

Le Golf National - The perfect venue

The 2018 Ryder Cup was a huge success in so many ways but not many people realise just what goes into preparing a venue to create the biggest Ryder Cup yet.

Described as “building a small city” by Match Director Edward Kitson, it is more than just erecting a few grandstands and preparing the golf course.

Creating The Ryder Cup’s largest first tee grandstand, planning France’s first temporary three-tier structure, accrediting more than 900 media, making sure public transport is efficient and offering an incredible viewing experience through the use of 16 big screens on-site at the stadium golf course, it goes without saying that planning and preparation are key.

Take a look at just what made The 2018 Ryder Cup such a special experience both on and off the golf course.